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Shipping Information

IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding shipping firearms, FFLs, and transfers of Firearms ownership.

Wolf Tactical and Design,LLC , like any reputable firearms dealer, will only
transfer ownership of firearms to a individuals or agencies holding a current
and valid Federal Firearms License (FFL).

This means Wolf Tactical and Desing, LLC cannot ship firearms directly to you
(unless you have an FFL).

At the buyers request Wolf Tactical and Design, LLC will ship the purchased
firearm to a licensed firearms dealer in the state in which the buyer resides.

Note: It is the buyers responsibility to contact the local FFL dealer that will be receiving the firearm. The buyer is also responsible for getting the local FFL dealers pertinent contact information to Wolf Tactical and Design, LLC.

1. Arrange the transfer with an FFL Dealer (You will use this dealer as the shipping address when you place your order).

2. Contact the dealer and let them know you would like them to receive a firearm for transfer from Wolf Tactical And Design.

3. Provide the FFL dealer with our contact information so they can send a copy of their FFL.

4. Ask about the transfer fee. Usually FFL dealers will charge a small fee in order to take care of the background check and 4473.

Shipping Restrictions 

  • California 

  • Colorado (Boulder, Denver, Vail) 

  • Connecticut 

  • Maryland

  • New Jersey 

  • New York



All warranties are covered by the products manufacturer, Wolf Tactical And Design,
LLC will be glad to assist in helping with a warranty issue, if you have a
problem please email or call and we will be glad to help get the problem worked
out. We do not offer or provide warranty on any items unless specifically
manufactured by Wolf Tactical And Design, LLC.


Limitation of Liability

Upon purchase, buyer assumes all liability and responsibility including but not
limited to the usage and safe storage of the purchased materials and products
on this site www.wolftacticalanddesign.com.

Buyer agrees to have any used firearm checked by a certified gunsmith prior to

Buyer certifies by purchasing a firearm from www.wolftacticalanddesign.com
that he or she is legally qualified to purchase and own the firearm and that
there are no state or local laws preventing ownership and owner will utilize a
trigger lock to prevent accidents.

Buyer understands that all firearms are potentially dangerous if handled improperly.

As it is a matter of record that Wolf Tactical And Design, LLC has no established
testing facility, Wolf Tactical And Design, LLC assumes no liability for the
safe functioning of any firearm sold.



All sales of firearms, loaded ammunition and clothing are FINAL, and returns, refunds or exchanges are NOT ACCEPTED. Orders shipped to a FFL are FINAL UPON SHIPMENT. Once a firearm is shipped to the FFL, Wolf Tactical And Design, LLC will not accept a return or exchange under any circumstances. If a defect is discovered by the customer after shipment, the customer must contact the firearm manufacturer directly for replacement or repair.



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